Solar LED Products

Solar street lights use solar energy as the energy source. Capable of realizing conversion from photovoltaic to electricity through solar panels, the solar powered lights produced by Noique use their batteries to store electricity during the daytime, and power the light through the controller at night to achieve the required functional lighting. As a mature solar light manufacturer, Noique is a comprehensive enterprise with 20 years of experience in R&D, production, and sales of China solar lights. Noique owns dozens of product-related patents, and our different types of solar lights are sold to more than 100 countries around the world, participating in the completion of thousands of government solar lighting projects.

Different Types of Solar Light For Sale

Solar Street Light

These bulk solar lights are mainly developed to illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of light, such as Street Lighting, Roadway Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Ramp Lighting, Sidewalk Lighting.

Solar Garden Light

Coupled with unique optical designed, these China solar lights with high luminous efficiency can be irradiated to a wider area. They provide a perfect way to emphasize the beautiful landscaping in your garden.

How Do Solar Lights Work

Solar lighting uses solar panels to absorb solar radiation during the daytime and converts it to electrical energy. It is stored in the battery bank through a charge and discharge controller. At night, when the daylight gradually decreases to about 10lux and the solar panel open circuit voltage is about 4.5V, the controller shall detect this voltage value and then direct the battery to discharge and power the LED light source to realize functional lighting.

Solar Light Components

Solar Lights Replacement

Noique solar-powered light has engineering quality. We promise that the raw materials we used do not contain any defective or second-hand product.

When solar-powered lights failure occurs, please check the following places:

  • Please check whether the solar panel wire is connected to the lamp cap wire and tighten it.

  • When connected to the solar panel line, the battery indicator (red light) of the controller will always be on, if not on, the battery may be out of power. Place the lamp cap and the solar panel in the sun at the same time and then observe the state of the controller indicator, to see whether the red light is always on and the blue light flashes slowly; If the indicator lights are not on, please consult the engineer of Noique for further guidance.

  • Regularly check the remote. Press the remote control to see is there any flashing at the controller. If there appears no flashing, adjust the remote distance and then press the remote again to send the signal. If this does not work, the remote of the solar-powered lights may be broken or you need to charge the remote.Noique

FAQs of Noique Solar Lights

How bright are solar lights?

First of all, the lighting range of the solar-powered street lights is not fixed and will be affected by the height of the solar street lamp, the power of the lamp head, and other factors. Generally speaking, the illumination range of a 6 meter China solar light is about 20 square meters. The installation distance between two solar-powered lights is best controlled in about ten meters so that the installation of solar street lamps is the best.

How long do outdoor solar lights last?

Generally, the batteries of the bulk solar lights will work for about 3-4 years and the solar lights themselves can last for about 10 years or more.

How do i make my solar lights brighter?

To make the solar lights shine brighter, you need to make sure the solar panel is adjusted to the right angle so as to receive the solar power as much as possible. Moreover, it is also very important to clean the solar panel on the regular basis.

Should solar lights be left out in the winter?

As a professional solar light supplier, Noique produces high-quality solar lights, such as our commercial solar flood lights, that can be left out even in cold weather. Feel free to ask us for more info.

Should you turn solar lights off at night?

By turning off the solar lights, you can give the battery a chance of getting a full charge over several days of sunlight. It is up to you to decide whether you would love to turn the solar lights off or not.

Can you charge solar lights without the sun?

Solar-powered lights can also be charged when there is no sun, but the amount of charging will vary according to the degree of overcast and rainy days. The bulk solar lights at Noique are all equipped with battery charging and discharging devices, usually, when the sun is full, they will charge themselves. And these solar lights will rely on battery power to maintain the power supply of street lamps on rainy days. On cloudy days when the sun's light is weak, the charging capacity of solar light is relatively weak.Noique

Do outdoor solar lights need rechargeable batteries?

Outdoor solar lamps normally require rechargeable batteries because the solar panels of this type of solar light will convert sunlight into electricity, so as to further charge the batteries which will then power the lamps.

What to do when solar lights stop working ?

First check whether the controller of the solar-powered lights is broken. If the controller is broken, then you should conduct a timely repair towards the light controller. Then you should observe the recent weather conditions. The normal charging of a solar-powered light should last for about 5-7 hours per day, so if the charging is only up to 2-3 hours such a situation is normal. Finally, you can check whether the battery inside the solar light is broken.