T8 tubes production line

ITEMNO :CX-T8-production lin
MOQ :1
PORT :shanghai
LEAD DATE :60 days

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T8 tubes production line


Contained machines


Machine name Quantity
6 meters assembly line 1
Auto base installing and gluing machine 2
Cuting and dot machine 1
Laser coding machine 2
Aging line 1
Testing machine 1


Technical parameters of T8 LED tube production line


1. Assembly line

1) The body is welded with steel structure, the main drive is cam splitter with chain conveyor, the total length is 6.5 meters, and the output can reach 1200 per hour according to the speed configuration;

2) Product range: 0.6m and 1.2m length specifications can be switched;

3) The front end of the assembly line is equipped with a 1.5-meter chain-type automatic tube loading mechanism.

4)After the tubes are conveyed to the assembly line, there is a LED chip automatic rotating mechanism to automatically rotate the LED chip above to ensure consistency.

5)One side is equipped with a drive positioning mechanism (2 meters ), drive carrier, positioning drive circuit board for manual soldering assembly easier.


2. Grinding and punching machine

1). The machine body is welded with steel structure, the main drive is cam splitter with chain conveyor, the total length is 3.5 meters, and the output per hour is 1200 per hour according to the speed configuration;

2). In the front of machine is equipped with a tube transition frame, which is connected with the assembly line.

3). Product range; two length specifications of 0.6m and 1.2m can be switched.

4). Process: tube positioning,LED chip turning positioning,base positioning, lighting power detection, with one set of waste rejection mechanism and dot mechanism.


3. 96-station aging machine

1). The machine body is welded with steel structure. The main drive is a cam splitter with chain conveyor. The front section is automatically tubes loading. There are 96 stations in total, load 5  tubes at a time. According to the speed configuration, the output is 1200 per hour.

2). The aging parts is divided into six zones, manually adjust (low pressure-normal pressure-high pressure-high pressure take-off-normal pressure take-off-normal pressure take-off) the equipped  four voltage regulators, the specific arrangement according to the requirements of the buyer. Including a tube dividing station, automatic tubes load and unload manipulators,transfer the lower parts of tubes to the upper , conveyed by the belt to the back and connected to the testing line. The tubes dividing station directly takes the tubes from the assembly line synchronously, avoiding the waste caused by the tubes not rolling or skewing.

3). The specification of straight tubes production is 1.2 meters, and the specification of fixed hole station is 0.6 meters.

4). The total length is 9.5 meters.

5). Automatically unload the tube, unload 5 tubes at a time,the machine is equipped the storage table in the back.


4, testing machine

Equipped an automatic testing machine behind the aging machine.

The tubes is automatically turned and positioned, power is detected, and waste is automatically discarded.

Electrical configuration of all equipment: PLC chooses Delta EH3 series, intermediate relay chooses Schneider, low-voltage electrical appliances choose Chint or Delixi, pneumatic and accessories choose Airtac, or other well-known brands.



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