Round Solar Garden Light (ISGL02/02-D)

AN-ISGL02/02-D series round solar lights for garden adopt a circular appearance design and are mainly used in courtyards, parks, commercial plazas, sidewalks, etc. This series of round garden solar lights use high-efficiency monocrystalline cells and large-capacity brand new deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries. With the built-in intelligent dimming controller and a human body sensor module, these round ground solar lights can ensure great brightness and super-long lighting time and backup on rainy days. The unique round design of the Anern’s round solar garden light makes it the first choice for landscape solar lighting.

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The Detail Of Round Solar Garden Light (ISGL02/02-D)

Round Garden Solar Lights

Anern round garden solar light is a beautiful landscape with a unique design, no matter used in the home courtyard or the city park.

Round Ground Solar Lights

Using imported monocrystalline cells, the conversion efficiency is as high as 21%, maximizing the use of power generation area.

Round Solar Lights For Garden

Each lamp is equipped with remote control, which can adjust the brightness according to needs, and the maximum remote control distance is 15 meters.

Round Ground Solar Lights

Optional human body induction function, when someone passes 100% brightness, no one passes 30% brightness.

The Specification of Round Solar Garden Light (ISGL02/02-D)


Solar Panel

LiFePO4 Battery


Lighting Method





Time Control

Light Control

Remote Control









The Production of Round Solar Garden Light (ISGL02/02-D)

The batch of round solar garden lights will be used in a project in Peru. Our factory control the product accessories quality and delivery time from the source, without any intermediate links, and reduce the production costs.


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