Full Automatic LED Bulb Assembly machine

LED Bulb Assembly machine
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LED Bulb Assembly machine



The technical parameters of LED A bulbs automatic assembly machine

First. Overview of the whole machine

1. The LED bulb automatic assembly machine can meet the requirements of A60 bulb  assembly. The external size of the machine is 2900*2800*1000, and one host operator is required. The equipment efficiency is 1500PCS/h, and the production qualification rate of the whole machine can reach 99%.

2. The automatic assembly machine has 16 station for assembly , and 8 stations for gluing and pressing covers. Adopt the cam divider equipped with one-motor and one-reducer driver for intermittent movement, and the station process uses PLC programming to control the cylinder manipulator to complete the work. Each process is divided reasonable time and easy to adjust. The PLC touch screen realizes human-computer interaction, which is simple and easy to learn.


Second, the technological process description

1 One person puts the light source board and the bulb cup on the conveyor chain of pressing the light source board machine stations.

2 After the two persons on both sides of the loading bulb cup conveyor belt thread the edge wire and put them back into the conveyor belt stations.

3 At the end of the loading bulb cup conveyor belt equipped with manipulator, to place the  bulb cups on the fixed station of the assembly line.

4 Turn the station plate to complete the processes of wire neatening ,base installation, wire cutting and bending, rivet installation, rivet pressing, lighting power test and base locking in sequence.

5 After the bases locking process is completed, the qualified products will be turned over by the turning mechanism: turn over the bulb cups ,make the light source board upturn.then place them on the stations of 8 stations gluing and cover pressing machine.The defective products will not be turned over or conveyed to the next station. Take them out by the manipulator.

6 After pressing the bulb cups, gluing, and pressing covers by gluing and cover pressing machine, the qualified bulbs will be taken out by the manipulator and placed them on the single-station aging machine .

7The aging machine is automatically testing the power under high, low, and normal voltage . After the test, the bulbs will be automatically unloaded by the manipulator, and the qualified and defective products are placed in different places separately to achieve automatic unloading  and selecting .


Third, the structure of the whole machine

1. The automatic assembly machine is equipped with one-motor and one-reducer driver , and use cam divider to finish the intermittent movement. The station actions are programmed by PLC to let the cylinder operate to complete the working procedure.

2. The stations adopt the fixed stations head mechanism, which is suitable for the assembly of A60 bulbs.

3. The bases and rivets are selected and ordered through the vibrating barrel, then assembled by manipulator. The whole assembly process is automatically completed without manual intervention.

4. The base locking mechanism adopts 12-needle locking, and the conical lever mechanism makes multiple needles locked at the same time, the base is evenly stressed, To ensure no wrinkles when locking bases and the torsion resistance of between base and bulb cup reaches 3.5 N·m.

5. The gluing mechanism adopts PLC to control the action of the gluing valve to realize multiple gluing modes.

6. The cover is automatically loaded by the cover storage, and conveyed the selected and sorted covers to the cover conveyor belt ,Use manipulator to reduce the manual workload.

7. The single-station aging machine realizes intermittent movement by a stepper motor. The length of the machine is 4 meters and there are 60 stations in total. The aging machine adopts a cyclic aging process, which not only guarantees the aging time but also saves space. The aging time is within 3-5 minutes. The aging machine achieves work synchronously with assembly machine by electric control.  After assembly, the time between the unloading from assembly machine and loading to aging machined is tight without waiting time, which improves the efficiency of the whole machine. Note: The configuration of the aging machine can be customized according to the aging time required by the customer.

8. The gluing and cover processing machine adopts the method of clamping the base, which is universal for different bulbs with same bases . Greatly shorten the debugging time of changing products.


Fourth, Introduction of partial processes

1. Wire neatening process: The wire neatening process adopts the double-clamping straightening guide wire method. Compared with the old type of method, the pass rate is increased by 30%, and its comprehensive pass rate is more than 98%.

2. Base loading process:The base loading process uses guide rods, guide sleeves, guide needles, guide buckets and other mechanisms to keep the bases vertical and not skewed during the falling down. In addition, the bulb cup is positioned stably by the clamp on the station, thereby The qualification rate of the base loading process has reached more than 99%.

3. Wire cutting process: The cutting process adopts advanced one-time cutting and bending. The two processes of cutting and bending are combined into one process which make the structure is more compact and the mechanism is more concise.





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