Classic All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-M2)

AN-ISSL-M2 series is one of Anern’s most cost-effective classic all-in-one solar street lights. The appearance design of this integrated solar street light series combines the shape of a high-speed train, which is fashionable and beautiful. Its big wattage version is suitable for international standard road lighting, and the small wattage version  is suitable for rural and courtyard lighting. The application field of Anern’s integrated solar street lights is very wide. In addition, each integrated solar led street light is equipped with remote control, which can adjust the lighting modes according to the needs, and truly realize personalized lighting.

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The Details of Classic All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-M2)

Integrated Solar Street Lights

Anodic oxidation housing, all screws of our integrated solar lights are made of stainless steel, even coastal use is not afraid of rust and corrosion.

Integrated Street Light

Customized intelligent control system, we can continuous lighting for 5 rainy days at most.

Integrated Solar LED Street Light

Equipped with a motion sensor, 100% brightness lighting when someone passes by, and turned into energy saving mode when there is nobody , in order to maximize energy saving.

Integrated Solar Lights

It supports wall installation and light pole installation, and can be flexibly selected according to different installation environments.

The Specification of Classic All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-M2)


Solar Panel

LiFePO4 Battery


Beam Angle


























Smart Controller & PIR Sensor

Solar street lights are greatly affected by geographical, climate, and other environmental factors. Because they mainly rely on the sun on to provide energy, the local geographic, climate, and weather conditions will directly affect the use of solar street lights. In some countries and regions, there is often rainy weather for more than one week or even half a month. Excessive rainy weather will affect the solar energy road and cause its brightness to fail to meet the requirements of international standards. At the same time, solar street lights will also have insufficient light during the day, resulting in too short lighting at night, and low component service life, and low-cost performance.

In view of the above actual situation, an intelligent dimming solar controller and human sensor can solve the above problems reasonably. The intelligent dimming solar controller monitors the remaining battery capacity and flexibly adjusts the brightness of the lamps. Even in the case of rainy days and insufficient light during the day, the lights can be turned on all night without turning off the lights. At the same time, with the human body sensor module, some people enter the full-light mode, and no one enters the energy-saving mode, which further extends the lighting time.

The Production of Classic All In One Solar Street Light (ISSL-M2)

Anern, as a professional solar light supplier in China, offers classic integrated solar street lights in mass production. The AN-ISSL-M2 series of solar street light are very hot-selling and popular with customers from Southeast Asia and South African markets.


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